Upholstered Bed Boxspring Brown Lion 08

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Boxspring, or also known as "Scandinavian style" beds are known for their comfort and functionality. The combination of a mattress on a base makes the beds extremely comfortable and preferred. The mattress does not sink, fully accessible and convenient for changing bed linen, turning and rotating. The height of the bed makes it comfortable to use and gives a sense of security.

Boxspring beds produced by Mebeli Kambo, have a choice of headboards/base/mattress/legs/fabric. Allowing you to design exactly the bed you need.

1,134.00 лв.

Other colors

Available for the following mattress sizes
140/200 cm; 160/200 cm; 180/200 cm
Base material
Solid wood, MDF
Lion 08
PVC black glossy
200 cm
Lift Mechanism
Mattress Size
160/200 cm
Storage Included
160 cm
2 years
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